Demo 2013

by Bad Ideas

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Another DIY recording experiment. Used combination of 4-track cassette recording and digital recording, mixed together. Hope you like them.


released May 3, 2013

Meg - Bass
Whitney - Drums
Sebastian - Guitar/Vocals



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Bad Ideas Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Lusties (Let's un plug 'em)
When did the crusties become formal lusties?
Spikes for likes, disdain for leather, shopping for and buying nothing and everything.
Virtual world is robbing you blind when the nothing you see is just a commodity. Unwilling informants, becoming more willing, letting Cisco control their lives.

Let's unplug em; maybe if they die in the matrix they'll die in real life.

They're in every room of your fucking house now.
In your pocket, in your hand.
Letting you know what they think you should buy,
letting you know when they think you should cry,
letting you know when it's appropriate to die and they lie and wait for YOUR next BIG headline, and I don't want to read the news today.
Track Name: Was so wrong
I had misunderstood, but that feeling didn't last long. I drove because I could. Clearly, I was wrong. Clearly, I was so wrong.

Oh, because If i start drinking, I feel like I might stop thinking again.

I'll put the brakes on, you drive for a while. Drive me where I need to go, I think only you know, because clearly I was wrong. Clearly, I was so wrong.

Oh, the glow of retiring into a piss covered coffin, but if I don't stop coughing...

Clearly, I was wrong. Clearly, I was so wrong.
Track Name: Nuns Gone Wild
Nuns on the streets, mouths like machine guns.
Armed with "radical" ideas.
Shooting rounds against the thick skulls
of poppa pope and his entourage of clowns.

Nuns gone wild like it's going out of style,
nuns gone wild, fucking kind of makes me smile.
Nuns gone wild, nuns gone wild, nuns gone wild.